[p4perl] Unable to install p4perl on linux amd64

Tony Smith tony at perforce.com
Mon Oct 16 04:55:20 PDT 2006

Hi Ankur,

> I am *able* to install P4 on linux x86 and solaris sparc machines :-).
> But I need to install the same on other platforms such as linux
> amd64/em64t and solaris amd machines(maybe more).
> I am unsuccessful so far to get it working on linux amd64.

> I tried r05.2/bin.linux26amd64, r04.2/bin.linux26amd64 and
> r03.2/bin.linux26amd64..

You need a PIC build of the API for that platform:


That should do the trick.

Tony Smith
European Technical Services Manager
Perforce Software UK

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