[p4perl] Help creating client workspace from template

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Thu Apr 26 07:45:57 PDT 2007

Hi Nathan,

> I have the following code that uses an existing client workspace
> template to create a new client workspace. The client workspace seems to
> get created by the options and view mappings from the template are not
> preserved in the new client workspace. Here's a snipet of the code:

I think the problem is that you're not saving the output of the 'p4 
client -o -t template client' command below:

> $p4->Run("client", "-o", "-t", $client_template, $client_name);

That command probably produces almost exactly what you want, but your script 
discards it and then tries to recreate its effects, unsuccessfully.

> Does anyone have some code sample to create a new client workspace based
> on an existing template?


	my $spec = $p4->FetchClient( "-t", $template, $clientName );
	$spec->{ 'Root' } = $clientRoot;
	$p4->SaveClient( $spec );

Obviously the variables used will need to be initialised, but that should do 
the trick.


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