[p4perl] $p4->Opened() Not Returning Warnings

Steve Siano ssiano at pillardata.com
Wed May 16 11:34:47 PDT 2007

It seems like $p4->Opened() is not returning warnings.  From the command
line I get
$ p4 opened ...
... - file(s) not opened on this client.
$ p4 revert ...
... - file(s) not opened on this client.

>From P4Perl, only
    $p4->Run('revert', '...') and
handle the warning, whereas

    $p4->Run('opened', '...');

do not, as indicated by the output of
    $p4->WarningCount() and
So, $p4->Warnings() returns
    ... - file(s) not opened on this client.
for the revert command, but not the opened command.
Steve Siano
$ p4 info
User name: ssiano
Client name: ssiano_ca-ssiano
Client host: ca-ssiano.eng.trans.corp
Client root: /export
Current directory: /export/mainline/src
Client address:
Server address: capf03:1666
Server root: /perforce/
Server date: 2007/05/16 11:30:08 -0700 PDT
Server version: P4D/SOLARIS8SPARC/2006.2/113956 (2007/01/09)
Server license: Pillar Data Systems (fka Digital Appliance) 186 users
(support ends 2008/01/31)

# P4.pm 3.4804
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