[p4perl] Upgrade to Perforce 2007.2

Scott Lavender scott.lavender at visiprise.com
Tue Jul 24 05:34:30 PDT 2007

To All,
Recent messages here have got me worried that I may have jumped the gun when I upgraded our Perforce installation from 2006.1 to 2007.2. In the process, I forgot about my P4Perl installation used by my build system and admin scripts. I have the following installed:

*	Perforce P4D 2007.2
*	P4API: Release 2005 2, PatchLevel = 93627, SuppUpdate = 2006 02 14
*	P4Perl 3.4804

Do I need to do anything, or will these still work with basic operation on 2007.2?
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