[p4perl] Upgrade to Perforce 2007.2

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Tue Jul 24 06:04:16 PDT 2007

Hi Scott,

> Recent messages here have got me worried that I may have jumped the gun
> when I upgraded our Perforce installation from 2006.1 to 2007.2. In the
> process, I forgot about my P4Perl installation used by my build system and
> admin scripts. I have the following installed:
> *	Perforce P4D 2007.2
> *	P4API: Release 2005 2, PatchLevel = 93627, SuppUpdate = 2006 02 14
> *	P4Perl 3.4804
> Do I need to do anything, or will these still work with basic operation on
> 2007.2?

You'll be fine - the 2007.2 server is backwards compatible with older clients. 

There have been issues in the past where scripts have broken because newer 
versions of the server support tagged output for commands that didn't 
previously enjoy that luxury. In versions of P4Perl since 3.5313, 
calling '$p4->SetApiLevel( <integer> )' (where <integer>' is the client 
protocol level) protects you from that. 

So, for example, if a particular script was written with the 2006.1 API, you 
could guarantee it would work when executed with the 2006.2 or 2007.2 APIs, 
and against a 2007.2 server by calling:

	$p4->SetApiLevel( 59 );

Doing this is a generally good idea, and I recommend you do it for all 
scripts, as you write them. To find out the protocol level for any given 
version of P4, run:

	p4 -vrpc=3 info

Then look for the value of the 'client' variable in the 'protocol' send buffer 
at the top of the output. So, here's an example for a 2006.1 p4:

RpcSendBuffer cmpfile =
RpcSendBuffer client = 59   <------ THIS IS WHAT YOU'RE AFTER
RpcSendBuffer api = 99999
RpcSendBuffer func = protocol
Rpc invoking protocol
RpcSendBuffer prog = p4
RpcSendBuffer version = 2006.1/LINUX26X86/104454
RpcSendBuffer client = barney
RpcSendBuffer cwd = /home/tony
RpcSendBuffer host = barney.perforce.co.uk
RpcSendBuffer os = UNIX
RpcSendBuffer user = tony
RpcSendBuffer func = user-info

Setting the API level prevents the server from sending the client output in a 
form that would not have been expected at the time that client was released: 
so non-tagged output will be produced if non-tagged output is what a 2006.1 
client would expect.

Note: normally, the P4 command-line client sets its API level to 99999 as you 
can see above; the idea is that the P4 command line doesn't need to parse the 
output from the server, just report it to the user (it's the user who parses 
it), so it can accept output in the latest form that the server can offer it. 
Scripts and other API-based programs that parse the output of commands don't 
have that luxury, and the API level exists to help them.

To see the effects for yourself, try these two commands against a recent 

	p4 -Ztag depots
        p4 -Ztag -Zapi=57 depots

Hope that helps!


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