[p4perl] Issues running p4 diff2 using p4perl

stuart.moore at symbian.com stuart.moore at symbian.com
Fri Nov 30 06:47:01 PST 2007

We recently upgraded our perforce server version to 2006.2, which broke 
some scripts that had been using an old version of p4perl, so I've 
upgraded to the newest - 3.6001.

This seems to have solved most things, however I cannot persuade diff2 to 
work - using ParseForms() and running either of the following lines

        my @diff2 = $self->{p4}->Run("diff2", 
$file."\@".$self->{previous}, $file."\@".$self->{number});

        my @diff2_context = $self->{p4}->Run("diff2", "-dc", 
$file."\@".$self->{previous}, $file."\@".$self->{number});

results in a data structure that doesn't contain a diff - in both cases 
the output is 

  DB<5> x @diff2
0  HASH(0x32f97cc)
   'depotFile' => ARRAY(0x32f9de4)
      0  $file
      1  $file
   'rev' => ARRAY(0x3224948)
      0  3
      1  4
   'status' => 'content'
   'type' => ARRAY(0x32f9f34)
      0  'text'
      1  'text'

Am I doing something wrong? Running the equivalent command on the command 
line produces the diff I'd expect, as does P4Perl without ParseForms.

Stuart Moore

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