[p4perl] Problem Running P4Perl Based Triggers After Linux SystemUpdate

Scott Lavender Scott.Lavender at visiprise.com
Thu May 8 04:19:50 PDT 2008


We are using 2007.2, and have been since it came out. The only thing
that changed in this system was the Linux updates. I have not upgraded
to 2007.3 yet. I was planning to do so in the next month or so.

The weird thing is that I can do any Perforce command successfully from
the command line or 'p4v' on this machine. It's just when I use P4Perl
that I have these issues. Is there something in the Linux patches that
could be causing this problem? I have recreated the ticket already,
after this problem started.


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Hi Scott,

Scott Lavender wrote:
> Also, in reference to the P4PASSWD error, here is the output showing
> long term(permanent) ticket:
> [root at perforce test]# p4 tickets
> (build) B740A553FDFAAE9A3C85DFD19485DE5F
> [root at perforce test]# p4 login -s
> User build ticket expires in 27727 hours 42 minutes. 
This is definitely an authentication problem. I think it might be that 
(2007.3?) 'p4' is storing the ticket under a different 'key' in the 
tickets file from the one that (2005.2 API) P4Perl is looking for. There

have been some changes in this area, for example to support central 
authentication servers properly.

Can you download a 2005.2 'p4' for your platform, use that to run a 'p4 
login', and see if that adds another ticket to your list (and resolves 
the problem)?



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