[p4perl] Problem Running P4Perl Based Triggers After Linux SystemUpdate

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Thu May 8 07:10:21 PDT 2008

Hi Scott,

> Thanks Tony!

No problem.

> I think we will go with scenario #1. I've wanted to do that anyway.
> Since we have three proxy servers around the globe, how does this
> sequence sound?
>   - Upgrade proxy servers.
>   - Run backup.
>   - Upgrade main server.
>   - Install new P4Perl ( Is this done the same way as before, by
> building against the API? )

Looks good. It's not necessary to tie the upgrade of P4Perl to the other 
upgrades (though obviously they'd be good too). The 2007.3 P4Perl can talk to 
any version of the Perforce server.

Note that there are some differences between Public Depot P4Perl, and Perforce 
P4Perl, so you might need to make a few changes to your scripts to get them 
working after the upgrade. I'd suggest that the minimum changes you make are:

	1. Delete all calls to $p4->ParseForms();

	2. Add a line like this _before_ the Connect() call.

		$p4->SetApiLevel( 58 );

	  This will instruct the server to treat your script as a 2005.2 client,
	  so it won't get tagged output when your script isn't expecting it. It
	  will also work with your existing 2007.2 server as well as the new
	  2007.3 server.

	  N.B. Protocol level 58 is 2005.2.


For full details of the changes, see the P4Perl release notes at:




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