[p4perl] Impersonating a user (p4perl 2007.3)

G Barthelemy gb.perforce at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 14 07:31:39 PDT 2008

>> I get a "password invalid" error when running
>> $p4->RunLogin($user_to_impersonate) even if a superuser has been
>> specified with SetUser, so no ticket gets generated.
> Have you got a valid ticket for the super-user? You have to prove you are the
> super-user before you can run 'p4 login <otheruser>'. Can you run other
> commands as that super-user?

Sorry for the silence, but I have been sidetracked. To reply to your
question, yes I believe I had a valid ticket for superuser and could
execute commands as that superuser. However, I am failing to display
the ticket expiry time. So I seem to have 2 issues with
P4PERL/LINUX26I386/2007.3/151416 (2007.3 API) (2008/04/09).

1- I can't seem to output a users ticket expiry time:
$p4->RunLogin("-s") is mute, so I have to resort to other means to
determine if the current user (for instance the superuser) has a valid
ticket. In the example below, I run "p4 depots" as the superuser is
the only one with access to one of the depots.
2- RunLogin($user) doesn't seem to honor even though the current user
is superuser. I get Password Invalid.

Unless I am doing something wrong of course, so here's the script I
used as a test (p4adm is superuser):
In the mean time, I solved my problem by not using the API.

#!/usr/local/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use P4;

our $p4 = new P4;

my @users = ('testo', 'testp');

$p4->Connect() or die ("Couldn't initialise p4 connection.\n\n",
$p4->Errors, "\n");

my $inforef = $p4->RunInfo();
print "user is ", $inforef->[0]->{'userName'}, "\n";  # does say that
user is p4adm
print P4::Identify(), "\n";
my $depotsref = $p4->RunDepots(); # works so running ticket is valid
foreach my $depot (@$depotsref) {
        print "p4adm seeing depot : ", $depot->{'name'}, "\n";
foreach my $user (@users) {
        print $p4->Errors(), "\n" if $p4->ErrorCount();  # prints
Password Invalid everytime

foreach my $user (@users) {
        $p4 = new P4;
        $inforef = $p4->RunInfo();
        print "now user is ", $inforef->[0]->{'userName'}, "\n";
        $depotsref = $p4->RunDepots(); # Only works if user has a
valid running ticket before script is invoked
        foreach my $depot (@$depotsref) {
                print "user ", $user, " seeing depot : ",
$depot->{'name'}, "\n";

exit 0;

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