[p4perl] Trigger Script Issue

Scott Lavender Scott.Lavender at visiprise.com
Tue Sep 2 06:24:26 PDT 2008

I have a problem with part of my trigger script. It runs fine from the
command line, but fails for some unknown reason when run by the server
by a trigger event. I have a trigger associated with submits to verify
that the user has associated a valid job/incident. This has worked in
the past(2006.1 - 7003.2), but has not worked since moving to 2007.3.
p4 info
User name: build
Client name: build_P4Admin
Client host: perforce.visiprise.com
Client root: /export/perforce/admin
Current directory: /export/perforce
Client address:
Server address: perforce.visiprise.com:1666
Server root: /export/perforce/root
Server date: 2008/09/02 08:23:54 -0400 EDT
Server version: P4D/LINUX26X86/2007.3/152469 (2008/04/24)
Server license: Visiprise Inc 154 users (support ends 2009/05/11)

 checkForFixes change-submit //...
"/export/perforce/admin/triggers/test/verifyFixes.pl %change% %user%"
I have done some troubleshooting and determined that the call to
FetchJob is failing only when run as a trigger. Here is the subroutine
that I call from my job/incident validation routine, getJob(). There is
a call to commandStatus immediately after the call to FetchJob. I did
this to hopefully trap any warnings or errors. If I run my script from
the command line, everything flows as expected. But, when used as a
trigger, the script terminates and the trigger completes with a return
of '1'. This causes all of my incident validation to be short circuited.
None of the validation takes place. Any ideas?
sub getJob {
    my ( $job ) = @_;
    my $jobHashRef = $p4->FetchJob( $job );
    return( $jobHashRef );
# Error handling subroutines
sub commandStatus {
    if ( $p4->WarningCount() )
    if ( $p4->ErrorCount() )
sub displayWarnings {
    my $warnings = $p4->Warnings();
    foreach $warning ( @{$warnings} )
        ScriptBase::warningMessage( $warning );
    return $warnings;
sub displayErrors {
    my $errors = $p4->Errors();
    foreach $error ( @{$errors} )
        ScriptBase::errorMessage( $error );
    return $errors;

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