[p4perl] Problem using P4->FetchClient()

Scott Lavender Scott.Lavender at visiprise.com
Thu Sep 18 07:43:06 PDT 2008

We have a production build system that is working as expected. As a part
of the build process, we have a Perl front-end script that sets up the
client workspace by adding the branch to be built and synching the
workspace before the build processing is launched. Test code recently
added shows that the value returned from the call to p4->FetchClient is

TEST: $client is a HASH reference, HASH(0x2d5c120).
TEST: that has 11 keys.
TEST: Root => D:\P4Views\build_ProdTest
TEST: Options => noallwrite noclobber nocompress unlocked nomodtime
TEST: View => ARRAY(0x2d5c1a4)
TEST: Owner => build
TEST: LineEnd => local
TEST: Update => 2008/09/18 09:15:38
TEST: Client => build_ProdTest
TEST: Description => Created by build.
TEST: SubmitOptions => submitunchanged
TEST: Access => 2008/09/18 10:24:35 

We have a requirement to change the user that the build uses from
DOMAIN1\User1 to DOMAIN2\User2. Both of these users are administrators
of the computer which is running Windows 2003 Server. The entire
production build system was constructed/installed as the first user.
I logged in as the new user and setup the environment to be identical as
far as the Environment variables. I made sure that the Perforce user is
the same and that I could run P4V and P4 commands. I can manually run
'p4 client -o <client name>' to verify that it is fetchable. but when in
my Perl script environment, I get and empty hash as shown below: 

TEST: $client is a HASH reference, HASH(0x2d5af6c).
TEST: that has 0 keys. 

Is there anything that would cause this behavior? I need to move this to
the new Windows domain as soon as possible. The old one is being phased
out soon.
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