[p4perl] Problem using P4->FetchClient() (CALL#2151058)

Tony Smith tony at smee.org
Fri Sep 19 07:43:45 PDT 2008


Could you also send us the output of:

	p4 -V

I think this might be down to the way tickets are stored in the ticket file in 
different versions of Perforce. Specifically, this change documented in the 
release notes for 2007.2:

	#117342 * **
	    Different values of P4PORT for the same server instance
	    e.g. (ip:port# vs host:port#) would result in multiple
	    ticket entries in the Perforce ticket file. This has 
	    been fixed so that the same server instance will always
	    produce a single ticket entry that either P4PORT value can
	    use.  (Bug #16707, #18349).

My guess is that your P4Perl was built with an older version of the Perforce 
API than 2007.2/117342, but that your P4 is later than that...


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