[p4perl] Problem using P4->FetchClient() (CALL#2151058)

Scott Lavender Scott.Lavender at visiprise.com
Fri Sep 19 08:12:30 PDT 2008

D:\P4Views\build_ProdTest\BuildSystem\production>perl -mP4 -e "print
Can't call method "Run" on an undefined value at D:/Perl/site/lib/P4.pm
line 172.

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Hi Scott,

> Thanks for responding...

You're welcome.

> I get the following output from the attached test script when run as
> new user:
> ===============================================
> Using Perforce Client Workspace "build_ProdTest" ...
> TEST: Error - Perforce password (P4PASSWD) invalid or unset.
> TEST: $client is a  reference, .
> TEST: that has 0 keys.
> ===============================================

Not much debug output in there unfortunately... I think that's because
might be using the old Public Depot P4Perl, and not the supported
from Perforce. Could you send us the output of the following command to 
confirm that:

   perl -mP4 -e 'print P4::Identify()'

Assuming that's the case, could you change the Debug() line to this:

	$p4->SetDebugLevel( 9 );

and try it again. Hopefully we'll get more debug output then.



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