[p4python] can't seem to pass a changeList # as an argument top4c.run_add()

Smith, Jeff jsmith at medplus.com
Mon Aug 15 13:45:03 PDT 2005

I think the problem is that you've passed it one argument
	-c 124 c:\p4\uds\art\game\locations\global\ftree\empty_file
and you should pass in three

You should use
	cmdResult = p4Session.run_add( '-c', cLNum, f )


P.S. Note this is untested and confirmation is left as an exercise for
the reader :-)

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From: John Burk [mailto:jburk at radical.ca] 
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Subject: [p4python] can't seem to pass a changeList # as an argument

Python: ActivePython 2.4.1 Build 247
p4Python: P4Python-0.6.win32-py2.4.exe

I can successfully open files for add to the default changeList, but I'm
unable to open them for add to a specific changeList.

	  cLNum = newChangeList( p4Session,
				 "adding new empty files to game at " +
gameRoot )

        for f in newFiles:
            cmdArgs = '-c' + cLNum + ' ' + f
            print "cmdArgs: " cmdArgs
                cmdResult = p4Session.run_add( f )
                print cmdResult
            except p4.P4Error:
                for e in p4Session.errors:

All well and good, here's the output from the above:

	cmdArgs: -c 119
	['//uds/art/game/locations/global/ftree/empty_file#1 - opened
for add']

But if I try and run:

      cmdResult = p4Session.run_add( cmdArgs )

I get:

	cmdArgs:-c 124
	Usage: add/edit/delete [-c changelist#] [ -f ] [-t type]
	Missing/wrong number of arguments.

ChangeList #124 does indeed exist:

	C:\P4\uds>p4 describe 124
	Change 124 by jburk at jburk-atgPC on 2005/08/15 13:25:05 *pending*

        adding new empty files to game at c:\p4\uds

	Affected files ...

Any ideas?

John Burk

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