[p4python] p4 diff2 vs. run_diff2

Nicholas Guarracino nguarracino at dataviz.com
Tue Dec 13 06:15:36 PST 2005

Wright, Richard wrote:

>I think it's a "feature".  (Although I have mentioned to support in regard
>to the output of the -G option that I would prefer it to be otherwise.)
>http://perforce.com/perforce/doc.051/user/p4apinotes.txt under "New
>functionality in 2004.2":
>	#58146
>	    'p4 diff2' supports tagged output.  By setting the value of"api" 
>	    to "56" (2003.2) the application will not get tagged output when
>	    compiled with 2004.2 API and run against a 2004.2 server.  Note
>	    tagged diff2 output supresses the actual diff of files and only
>	    supplies summary information.
Wow, that's a bummer. Glad to have an answer to my question but it sure
wasn't the one I was looking for... I guess "feature" is in the eye of
the beholder :-)



Nicholas Guarracino
DataViz, Inc.

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