[p4python] Possible to show sync output as it's happening, instead of returning it?

John Burk jburk at radical.ca
Thu Dec 22 13:03:37 PST 2005

Quite a few of the scripts that end users run involve a sync performed like so:

   print p4c.run_sync( filePath )

I have users who don't sync for quite a while and the depot is ~huge~ (sound for a video game, >2GB), and when they do, are fairly disconcerted when they don't see any output for several minutes; run_sync doesn't return anything until _after_ the sync is finished, which can be up to 15 minutes. 

They think something's hung, and usually kill and re-start the process.  I could add a 'please wait', but I'm never sure how patient they're going to be...

Is there any way to get the p4.run() method to print to stdout as it's running, instead of collecting all the output and returning it?

John Burk |  Radical Entertainment | 604.601.6970 | jburk at radical.ca

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