[p4python] API Changes in 2005.2

sjm.19898948 at bloglines.com sjm.19898948 at bloglines.com
Fri Jan 6 05:21:17 PST 2006

Turned out the problems I was having in my MacOS build were actually problems
due to the changes in the API in 2005.2.

The release notes say that many
commands now feature tagged output so some code I had to parse the textual
output of, eg "p4 have", needed changing and then they work OK.

I still can't create a new client through the new API. The code that works
with 2005.1 is basically

p = p4.P4()
p.client = newclientname

spec = p.fetch_client()
... update spec ...

this doesn't work on 2005.2, it says that the Client attribute is missing.
If I print the spec before I save it though I can see it is there.

So for
now I'm using the feature that allows you to talk the 2005.1 protocol even
when using 2005.2 API and server which is:

p = p4.P4()

If anyone knows what's going wrong then that would be nice.


-- Simon Middleton
ANT Software Limited

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