[p4python] API Changes in 2005.2

sjm.19898948 at bloglines.com sjm.19898948 at bloglines.com
Fri Jan 6 07:37:52 PST 2006

--- Robert Cowham" <robert at vaccaperna.co.uk wrote:
> Will have a poke around
and see what has changed.
> Meanwhile don't forget that for fetch_client/save_client
to work you need to
> call p4.parse_forms() before the connect...

Of course
:-) My example was a bit too abbreviated. The important point is it works
with the old protocol and not with the new one.

I guess it's something
to do with the fact that client -o is listed in the release notes as having
gained tagged output in 2005.2, although it doesn't look like it's behaving
differently, presumably this is affecting stuff that p4python is doing behind
the scenes though.


-- Simon Middleton
ANT Software Limited

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