[p4python] New version of P4Python (0.7)

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Mon Nov 6 10:27:56 PST 2006

Dear All

Some long overdue updates to P4Python:


- Merge in Shawn Hladky's change for 2005.2 API, and built with 2006.1
- Merged in changes by Kristján V. Jónsson, python reference counting bugs
and settrans.
- Added new attributes/methods:
	config (read-only)
	prog (write-only)
	version (write-only)
	ticket_file (write-only)
- Added option to read api ver P4.p4_api_ver
- Added tests for different P4 API builds
- Reworked test harness to use new Perforce sample depot so anyone can run
- Fixed problem with binary output (via print) reported by Keith Perry
- Added link to RPM build by Jason Dillon in index.html

On the ToDo list:

- handling of diff2 output
- handling of unicode
- automate fetching of specs when necessary

Feedback welcomed. Follow up to p4python at perforce.com


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