[p4python] Question about groups command

Smith, Jeff jsmith at medplus.com
Tue Sep 12 09:04:29 PDT 2006

OS: Windows XP SP2
Perforce server: 2005.1
Perforce client: 2006.1
Python: 2.4.2
P4Python: 0.6
when I try:
I get a list which contains every entry for every group rather than just
a list of groups.
For instance, it I have only one group called mygroup with 2 users in
it, then the p4python call returns a list of two items
{'group': 'mygroup', 'isSubGroup': '1', 'maxResults': '0', 'user':
'user1', 'timeout': '604800', 'maxScanRows': '0'}
{'group': 'mygroup', 'isSubGroup': '1', 'maxResults': '0', 'user':
'user2', 'timeout': '604800', 'maxScanRows': '0'}
Is this expected behavior?
 	 Jeff Smith
Development Tools Group
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