[p4python] P4python 2.6? 3.0?

Tony Whitley (Hotmail) tony_whitley at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 10 02:19:01 PST 2008

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003, as specified in relnotes.txt. I have 2005 too but "Visual Studio 2005 cannot be used to compile Python or P4Python".

Fair answer on 3.0 - I've only played with the 2to3 tool on a couple of my (non-Perforce) apps.
Tony Whitley
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  Hi Tony,

  We plan to support Python 2.6 soon. I have been able to use the existing source code unchanged on Linux to create the plugin, but came across the same error on Windows as you have. Which version of Visual Studio are you using?

  Python 3.0 just came out last week - you are the first to ask about it. According to the documentation, if the application is 2.6 compatible, you can convert it to 3 via the 2to3 conversion tool, but I haven't tried it out yet. 
  The upshot is, it will come, but we need to do some planning and testing first.


  Sven Erik

  Tony Whitley (Hotmail) wrote: 
    ftp://ftp.perforce.com/perforce/r08.2/bin.ntx86/ only shows p4python25.exe and the relnotes.txt in ftp://ftp.perforce.com/perforce/r08.2/tools/p4python.tgz


    3. Python compatibility

        The 2008.2 release of P4Python has been build and tested with Python 2.5.1.

    Are we on our own for now with 2.6? I tried building it from source under 2.5 and that worked but under 2.6 I got this enigmatic output:
      API Release 2008.2
      running build
      running build_py
      creating build\lib.win32-2.6
      copying P4.py -> build\lib.win32-2.6
      running build_ext
      building 'P4API' extension
      error: None
    Anyone have plans to use Python 3.0 with P4API?
    Tony Whitley

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