[p4python] Using the Have command in P4Python

Tarek Moubarak tarek.moubarak at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 05:55:55 PST 2009

Hey there,

 Thank you very much Sven it works like a charm!

 I just have one more problem though: how will I be able to count the number
of files for each client

i tried this:

def get_files(host,client):
        p4.host = host
        p4.client = client
        files = p4.run_have()
        num = len(files)
        return num

    except P4Exception:
        process_exception(p4.errors, p4.warnings)


Oh and I'm checking out the docs now Robert thx for pointing them out!
I found pyscripts.pdf... are there any more as well?

thank you very much  for your help in advance!!

> Tarek moubarak
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