[p4python] p4python: changes between dates does not give expected result

Kostas Kevrekidis kostas.kevrekidis at tomtom.com
Fri Sep 17 05:47:15 PDT 2010



I am using python to parse perforce. I am trying to use the command:


p4.run("changes","-l","-t","-ssubmitted","-u","user", "branch/...", "@"
+ date1 + ",@" + date2) , where date2 and date1 are variables and


to receive a list of changes submitted between date1 and date2 of a
specific user. I also would like to get a date format as described in
the documentation:

"If you use the -t option to display the time of each changelist, the
format is: 

Change num on date hh:mm:ss by user at client [status] description"



 I don't getting the desired results at all. Instead I am receiving 


1.	A list of 101 items, where every item is a dictionary, that are
of date > date1
2.	The date is in the form 1209135617


I suppose the parameters are not received very well. Although the "-l"
parameter is recognized the rest are ignored or have to be provided in a
different way than described in the documentation. The "-s" and
"submitted" parameter and value for example have to be concatenated in
order to be perceived correctly something that is not documented

I tried many different combinations in providing parameters and
changelist numbers. 


Can you please give me some information on this behavior? Is there maybe
a work around?








>>> print sys.version_info

(2, 6, 5, 'final', 0)


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