[p4python] Strange output of run_diff2 command

Anton Koval' psihonavt at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 03:17:00 PST 2013


I want to retrieve output of the next command (where p4 is standard
perforce client):

p4 diff2 //depot/...#1 //depot/...#2

In terminal it is producing something like this:

==== //depot/bin/build.sh#1 (xtext) - //depot/bin/build.sh#2 (xtext)
==== content
> #added something 2
< fi---
> fi
==== //depot/bin/README#1 - <none> ===
==== //depot/bin/status_ok#1 - <none> ===

Let's assume that I have next script in python:

from P4 import P4
p4 = P4()
p4.port = "1818"
p4.host = "localhost"
p4.user = "psih"
p4.client = "build_verificator_ws2"
changes = p4.run_diff2("//depot/...#1", "//depot/...#2")
print changes

After executing python script I will receive something like that:

[{'status': 'content', 'depotFile2': '//depot/bin/build.sh', 'rev':
'1', 'rev2': '2', 'type': 'xtext', 'depotFile':
'//depot/bin/build.sh', 'type2': 'xtext'},
{'status': 'left only', 'type': 'text', 'rev': '1', 'depotFile':
{'status': 'left only', 'type': 'text', 'rev': '1', 'depotFile':

List of files in depot with revisions but no diffs.

What am I doing wrong?
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