[p4ruby] p4ruby sync problem

Joerg Krautwurst-Schmid Joerg_Krautwurst-Schmid at CoCreate.com
Thu Mar 31 02:15:32 PST 2005

Well I think I got the problem,
rescue P4Exception => msg
   puts( msg )
    p4.warnings.each { |w| puts( w ) }
    p4.errors.each { |e| puts( e ) }
    p4.output.each { |o| puts( o ) }
I took this snippet from the example.rb. My problem was that the
"file(s) up-to-date" message from perforce is a warning (well it's like
it is).
Now I can check this.

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	don't know if I make something wrong, but I have problems using
the p4 sync command within the p4ruby api.
	Here's my very little code example:
	require "P4"
	p4 = P4.new()
	p4.user = "myname"
	p4.port = "myport"
	This produces the following errors:
	/usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/P4.rb:122:in `run': [P4#run]
Errors during command execution( "p4 sync" ) (P4Exception)
	        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/P4.rb:122:in
	        from /tmp/p4rubytest.rb:9
	But this only occurs if the client files are up-to-date! 
	If I run p4.run_sync("-f") it works fine, or even if there's one
or more files to sync.
	Do I'am something complete wrong, or is this a problem ?
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