[p4ruby] How to bump the API version?

Andreas Axelsson andreas.axelsson at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 07:45:23 PST 2006


some further research revealed that I had to set the p4.api property to
something other than the default. So I put it at the highest I could find,
58, and as by magic, my problems went away. The weren't really tied to the
tickets after all, but the password checking in p4api, as we use tickets to
log in.

Oh, btw, to be able to build on my machine, using Visual Studio 2005, I had
to make the following change:

==== //Combination/P4Ruby/MAIN/p4conf.rb#2 (text) ====

<     $CFLAGS += "-Dconst_char='const char'"
>     $CFLAGS += '-Dconst_char="const char"'
<       ch.puts( define( "P4CFLAGS",            $CFLAGS ) )
>       ch.puts( define( "P4CFLAGS",            $CFLAGS.gsub('"', '\"') ) )

The first one would make compiler stop complaining about the single quotes,
and the other would repair the broken define resulting from the change of

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