[p4ruby] PASSWD unset error

Johan Nilsson johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se
Sun May 13 23:43:12 PDT 2007

Hi Robert,

thanks for your reply.

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> Sent: den 11 maj 2007 16:02
> To: Johan Nilsson; p4ruby at perforce.com
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> Hi Johan
> What's in the tickets file for that machine? I have had this 
> sort of problem with a rogue ticket entry for the same P4Port.

The tickets file looks just fine. I also tried deleting it and logging
in again, but the problem persists.

Do you know if it is possible to make P4Ruby output all commands,
including options, when they are executed? I'm currently relying on some
P4 parameters being set in the environment + config file and I'd like to
check what is actually used.

/ Johan

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