[p4ruby] PASSWD unset error

Johan Nilsson johan.nilsson at esrange.ssc.se
Tue May 15 23:37:32 PDT 2007

Follow up, in case anyone's interested: 

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> Found it! 
> I was using P4PORT=<dotted-ip-address>:<port> in 
> .bash_profile and P4PORT=<server-name>:<port> in my scripts, e.g:


> As both the names and ip-address refer to the same machine, 
> logically I think this should work - or? I'll try and drop an 
> enhancement request to Perforce support.

I was too late. From the 2007.2 beta release notes:

    #117342 * **
	Different values of P4PORT for the same server instance
	e.g. (ip:port# vs host:port#) would result in multiple
	ticket entries in the Perforce ticket file. This has 
	been fixed so that the same server instance will always
	produce a single ticket entry that either P4PORT value can
	use.  (Bug #16707, #18349).

/ Johan

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