[p4ruby] Need advice re perforce - to - callcenter software connector

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Sat Dec 15 08:36:48 PST 2007

We have call center software/bug tracking software that we developed in
house.  We adopted perforce about 3 years ago and all is well, except that
we have avoided making the integration between perforce and the call center

We are mostly a java shop and are not c/c++ guru's.  I did look for a
perforce java api and I see some stuff out there, but it seems they are
doing parsing of the p4client result text which I don't find reassuring, and
I don't have a lot of hope that these libraries will be maintained over the
long haul.  I noticed that p4ruby has been around for a while and seems to
have active level of bug fixing, and appears to be backended with the c/c++

So here I am.. Wondering if it makes sense to spend time writing a
'connector' using p4ruby, that would run all the time, periodically poll
perforce and poll our call center software and keep the two in sync. ( i.e.
create jobs in perforce when a call center issue is certified as a bug,
etc.. ).   Maybe the answer is an obvious yes -- but I have been seeing
references to p4ruby describing it as a scripting tool. 

Any thoughts or maybe pointers to a better approach?

Steve Nell

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