[p4ruby] cygwin-p4ruby incompatibility with p4win

bob p4 jeffperforce at gmail.com
Mon Feb 18 08:53:16 PST 2008


For a while I've been scripting perforce commands using cygwin-ruby together
with the win32 (non-cygwin) version of p4.exe.  I do this mainly because (1)
my development environment requires cygwin-ruby; and (2) I want to use the
same client spec for both scripting and P4Win, which requires a DOS path in
the client spec.

The win32 version of p4.exe can be "tricked" into working with cygwin-ruby
by setting PWD before calling p4.exe,
    ENV["PWD"] = `cygpath -w #{Dir.pwd}`.chomp

I have recently hit the ceiling on the maximum command-line size, which
brings me to P4Ruby.  However cygwin-ruby requires cygwin-P4Ruby, which
cannot be tricked into using DOS paths (as I concluded after some effort).

Thus it would seem that cygwin-P4Ruby cannot be used with a P4Win-compatible
client spec.  Is this true?

Also, can someone confirm that a perforce command run through P4Ruby does
not have a ceiling on the number of arguments and/or the total command

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