NFS .. How to move a tree to a new server?

RossLinderross at RossLinderross at
Thu Apr 2 05:05:59 PST 1998

On Tue, 31 Mar 1998, Richard Geiger wrote:

> OK, then by that definition, we've decided to spin the wheel here.
> We've seen zero problems yet, and I suspect we'll continue to see zero
> problems arising from mounting P4ROOT via NFS (V2/UDP). And, I pledge
> to report promptly to this list if we ever see any evidence of a
> problem caused by using NFS this way.

I must say I have been using NFS for years, and other than weak
security (no an issue on our "intranet") I have never had a
problem with NFS either. I would quite happily use P4ROOT on
NFS as long as the performance was not an issue (100's of
clients active)


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