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I shouldn't have said this without adding .. Perforce is a great system.
It's simple and fast. Everytime I'm at home, stuck with my analog modem,
accessing source control at work, I'm so grateful to be using Perforce
rather than PVCS or anything else.  Out of all the systems I've gotten a
chance to look at, it's the best.  This price change is a very small issue
in the scheme of things.

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> Perforce recently changed their pricing, and hiked the price for <50
> users.  I understand (and even appreciate) going to a fixed, tiered
> pricing model for Perforce.  But the $100 bump in price puts it above the
> street prices several other systems. As a customer, obviously I would like
> the base price at $500, and scale down from there.
> Thanks,
> Bernie
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