PingHuangpshuang at MIT.EDU PingHuangpshuang at MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 10 16:32:29 PDT 1998

"Bernie Thompson (S3 Incorporated)" <v-bernit at> wrote:

 > I shouldn't have said this without adding .. Perforce is a great system.
 > It's simple and fast. Everytime I'm at home, stuck with my analog modem,
 > accessing source control at work, I'm so grateful to be using Perforce
 > rather than PVCS or anything else.  Out of all the systems I've gotten a
 > chance to look at, it's the best.  This price change is a very small issue
 > in the scheme of things.

You know, I think you've just given Perforce more incentive to
continue to raise their pricing....  :(

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