Perforce Shutdown?

PeterFribergpeter.friberg at PeterFribergpeter.friberg at
Mon Apr 13 23:58:13 PDT 1998

> I'm concerned about not corrupting the database. Is this OK if 
> someone is using Perforce?
> -Todd
>>> Simply 'kill <p4dpid>', where <p4dpid> is the process id of the 'p4d' 
>>> daemon process.  Don't know 'bout NT though.
>> NT's just as easy - go into Services and stop the Perforce service...
>> -p

Since Perforce server always spawns a new process/thread for each user
request it is safe to stop the Perforce server process/service by just
killing it.  You must let a spawned user processes run to its end
(if any) before shutting down the computer though.

Best Regards,
Peter Friberg

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