how to browse the whole depot?

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Wed Apr 15 12:37:55 PDT 1998

Under the "Window" menu, disable the checkmark next to "Client View Only".

All (non-deleted) files on all depots will show up.

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At 01:15 PM 4/15/98 -0600, you wrote:
>sorry if this is a FAQ; i haven't seen anything in the docs or the
>tech notes, and i've been lurking here a few weeks.
>my users are mostly GUI users, and they're whining that they don't
>know how to see everything that's in the depot, at least not without
>having your client view be the entire depot.
>in other words, most of my users have a client view pretty much like
>//depot/prod2.0/... //WINDOG/c:/src2.0/...
>but there are other things under depot, e.g. //depot/engdocs/...
>which they'd like to know about.  maybe they'll want to add it to
>their client view, or maybe not, but they'd at least like to know
>about it.
>the only ways i can think to do this are:
>    login to the server (a solaris box) and cd to where the depot
>    lives, and look around.  but these people are terrified of the
>    unix command line.
>    do `p4 files //depot/... > file' and browse that file.  yuck.
>    temporarily adjust their client view to include all of
>    //depot/... but don't do a `sync to head'.  i don't even know if
>    this would work?  but even if it does, yuck.
>when i saw the `browse the depot with a web browser' cgi script, i
>thought that that might be the answer, but it really isn't.  not that
>it would be impossible to write such a thing, it's just not there in
>the current user-contributed stuff.  or is it; maybe i just missed it?
>thanks in advance for any suggestions!
>- sam

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