how to browse the whole depot?

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Thu Apr 16 06:04:17 PDT 1998

Assuming you have the 97.3 GUI, you should be able to browse the whole
depot. Your users can create a second client (such as <hostname>_BROWSE),
that has a default mapping. They can toggle between two clients using the 
Perforce->Options... dialog.

The GUI can browse the depots w/o having to retreive the files.

At 01:15 PM 4/15/98 -0600, Sam Falkner wrote:
>    temporarily adjust their client view to include all of
>    //depot/... but don't do a `sync to head'.  i don't even know if
>    this would work?  but even if it does, yuck.
>when i saw the `browse the depot with a web browser' cgi script, i
>thought that that might be the answer, but it really isn't.  not that
>it would be impossible to write such a thing, it's just not there in
>the current user-contributed stuff.  or is it; maybe i just missed it?
>thanks in advance for any suggestions!
>- sam

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