Last-modified timestamp

stephenng at stephenng at
Fri Apr 17 11:20:07 PDT 1998


I have done some fooling around with the checkpoint file.

It turns out that if you just change the file timestamp, you don't
have to change the changelist timestamp.  The two timestamps can be
different.  So I think your p4 change -f is actually unnecesary. 
This also means you should be able to check everything in as a
single changelist.

The file timestamp is known as the "last modtime" in Perforce. They
are usually the same value, but you can change the file modtime in
the checkpoint.  Is there some easier way to change this value?  Or
does making the two values different cause the Perforce database to
be inconsistent?   Perhaps some Perforce folks can help out on this

Thanks for your help.


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