P4 97 and MSVC 4.20

PeterFribergpeter.friberg at esavionics.se PeterFribergpeter.friberg at esavionics.se
Mon Apr 20 03:21:16 PDT 1998

Try using Perforce DLL for MS Visual Studio. This enables you to
use Perforce basic functions from within MSVC, instead of using
MSVS editor from P4Win, much easier. Get if from Perforce download

gils_gayraud at nms-europe.com wrote:

> I configure the P4Win.exe to edit file with MSVC editor. When I call
> P4Win.exe from the MSVC  and I edit one given file I get a new instance of
> MSVC . Do anyone know if there is an option to edit file in the same
> instance of MSVC ?

Best regards, 
Peter Friberg

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