How to extract changes between labels or dates?

RajeshVaidheeswarranrv at RajeshVaidheeswarranrv at
Wed Apr 22 07:10:40 PDT 1998


We are trying to extract information regarding the changes that occurred
between releases. All our releases are labeled to make life easy.

But, p4 doesn't seem to return the correct changes in a construct like this:

Our depot is //depot/us/tag/4.2/...

And the max change in labels L_tag52_official_release and
L_tag52_stable_windows_nt are 21146 and 21590 respectively.

While something like:

p4 changes //depot/us/tag/4.2/... at 21146, at 21590  works well,

So does this:

p4 changes //depot/us/tag/4.2/... at L_tag52_official_release,#head

But, this doesn't:

p4 changes //depot/us/tag/4.2/... at L_tag52_official_release, at L_tag52_stable_windows_nt

Has anyone ever faced this before? I would think that something like the
above construct would be most useful to extract fixes, and prepare release
notes, etc.

Any thoughts?


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