How to extract changes between labels or dates?

Fredric.Fredriksson at mydata.seFredric.Fredriksson Fredric.Fredriksson at mydata.seFredric.Fredriksson
Thu Apr 23 03:06:54 PDT 1998

> p4 changes
//depot/us/tag/4.2/... at L_tag52_official_release, at L_tag52_stable_windows_nt
> Has anyone ever faced this before? I would think that something like the
> above construct would be most useful to extract fixes, and prepare
> notes, etc.
> Any thoughts?

my 0.02$:

I solved this with a perl script that lists changes for both
labels and filter out the ones that differ.

When I played around with this I realised that unless the labels
does not contain the exact same set of files you can not get a
simple list of changes that "differ". What You get is three lists:

* changes common to both labels
* changes in the first label
* changes in the second label

And this is not the whole truth:
Lets say I submit a change affecting files A and B. If A is included
only in the first label and B in the second I get this change listed
as affecting both labels. (In reality this is not a common problem,

My conclusion is: this is an extremely useful function I use it a lot
_but_ there is more to it than what you see at a first glance.

/Fredric Fredricson

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