Perforce-Review mailing list going active again

RobertOrensteinrlo at RobertOrensteinrlo at
Mon Apr 27 18:10:59 PDT 1998

Late last year, we started a perforce-review mailing list
for interested users to review the Perforce Command Reference. 
The Command Reference has been moribund, until now;
Command Reference pages will be posted again starting 

The Reference will be posted on the Web, a few commands at a time.
If you're a member of the perforce-review mailing list, you
will be notified as commands are posted.

We want to make the Command Reference THE complete guide to
using Perforce. The object of having our users review the commands 
as they're posted is to make sure that nothing vital is left out.

If you'd like to subscribe, send email to listserv at,
with a message body of 

   subscribe perforce-review <Your Name>

... or write to me directly and I'll subscribe you.

Thank you,

Robert Orenstein
Perforce Software

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