exit codes

RobertD.Sealsrseals at fore.com RobertD.Sealsrseals at fore.com
Wed Apr 29 12:32:37 PDT 1998

Hi everyone -

I'm having a strange problem with a script which has
suddenly started failing; the command succeeds from the
command line, but fails within the perl script.
All I can figure is that the p4 exit code is "1", but
I don't know what that represents; the command is
"p4 job -i" if that makes any difference.

Is there a list of exit codes somewhere?


>From johnm-perforce at non.net  Apr 29 19:46:14 1998
Date: 29 Apr 1998 19:46:14 -0000
From: John Mitchell johnm-perforce at non.net
Subject: OFF TOPIC: Bug Systems

Any opinions on good bug reporting/tracking systems which integrate
well with Perforce?  I.e., they also need to support client/server
operation (it's a very distributed company :-).


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