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AmesCarlsonames at cloudscape.com AmesCarlsonames at cloudscape.com
Wed Apr 29 14:18:25 PDT 1998

We use Soffront Track, which has a nice 1-page defect form 
that I like. However, the extent of our integration is to 
have a p4 # field on the track form and to include Soffront 
Defect ID #s in the p4 change descriptions.

Soffront supports the SCC API, but only with a select list 
of change management tools. I haven't tried to hack Perforce
into Soffront's SCC setup at all.

We have run into some problems with Soffront, and haven't had
much success with their support.  Email configuration is a 
little fragile, for example, but when it works it's great.

Also, Soffront isn't set up for remote use, although they sell
a web interface add-on that may make that feasible.

And in truth, we will likely move away from Soffront to something
more reliable.  I'm hoping the Perforce solution in this area
fits the bill, but we'd really like to use our product
(Cloudscape JBMS, a 100% Pure Java ORDBMS) as the backing store
on our bug database.  So I'm currently evaluating using NetDynamo,
but don't have any real results with it yet.

- - Ames.

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