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I have no problem with the price hike.  Sure, I'd rather see it go down too.  But I guess I
weigh the cost per user vs. the productivity per user.  Perforce is very easy to use, 
presents a desirable usage model, and is rock solid.  I compare that to the nightmare
of constantly dealing with the corrupted data base problems my 30+ engineers lived with
over the last 18 months with SourceSafe.  Do I think having a SCM that is reliable
is worth an extra $3K per year from my budget ?  You bet.  

Even if Perforce is higher priced than "several other systems", it seems worth it to me for 
a tool which we will use daily.  


- -dave

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Perforce recently changed their pricing, and hiked the price for <50 users.
I understand (and even appreciate) going to a fixed, tiered pricing model
for Perforce.  But the $100 bump in price puts it above the street prices
several other systems. As a customer, obviously I would like the base price
at $500, and scale down from there.

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