Perforce vs StarTeam

chris.bartz at natinst.comchris.bartz chris.bartz at natinst.comchris.bartz
Tue Apr 14 12:45:07 PDT 1998

Has anyone done a comparison of Perforce and StarTeam.

My limited evaluation of StarTeam indicates that it is reliable and fast like
Perforce (although I have not done any benchmarks to test either of these).
StarTeam's user interface is much more extensive and has lots of built in features
like defect tracking and Lotus Notes like discussion groups.

What StarTeam doesn't have is the atomic change submission that Perforce has.  They
also only work on the PC (with the exception of a limited functionality Web

If you have more information about how the products compare, I would love to see it.

- -Chris Bartz

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