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Tue Apr 14 13:40:33 PDT 1998

On Tue, Apr 14, 1998 at 02:45:07PM -0500, chris.bartz at wrote:
> Has anyone done a comparison of Perforce and StarTeam.

I, too, would be interested in a comparison.  A little while ago, I was
looking at a few different systems to replace this MS SourceSafe stuff and was
fiddling with Perforce a bit (probably more when I get around to it).  I found
StarTeam a little later and it took a while to figure out how to do some basic
stuff in their GUI.  (the terminology is a little different or something...I
hadn't read their docs at the time)  At any rate, I did enough to figure out
that getting the latest version of one directory tree over my 28.8K modem took
about 50 minutes with SS and about half that with either Perforce or StarTeam.

What I thought looked interesting is StarTeam's mentions of being able to deal
with a Source"Safe" repository - it looked like it might be easier to do the
initial migration from SS to a new system.  But, I never got around to
checking that out.

I would appreciate hearing whatever anyone has to say about the 2 systems.
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>From samf at  Apr 15 13:15:24 1998
Date: 15 Apr 1998 13:15:24 -0600
From: Sam Falkner samf at
Subject: how to browse the whole depot?

sorry if this is a FAQ; i haven't seen anything in the docs or the
tech notes, and i've been lurking here a few weeks.

my users are mostly GUI users, and they're whining that they don't
know how to see everything that's in the depot, at least not without
having your client view be the entire depot.

in other words, most of my users have a client view pretty much like

//depot/prod2.0/... //WINDOG/c:/src2.0/...

but there are other things under depot, e.g. //depot/engdocs/...
which they'd like to know about.  maybe they'll want to add it to
their client view, or maybe not, but they'd at least like to know
about it.

the only ways i can think to do this are:

    login to the server (a solaris box) and cd to where the depot
    lives, and look around.  but these people are terrified of the
    unix command line.

    do `p4 files //depot/... > file' and browse that file.  yuck.

    temporarily adjust their client view to include all of
    //depot/... but don't do a `sync to head'.  i don't even know if
    this would work?  but even if it does, yuck.

when i saw the `browse the depot with a web browser' cgi script, i
thought that that might be the answer, but it really isn't.  not that
it would be impossible to write such a thing, it's just not there in
the current user-contributed stuff.  or is it; maybe i just missed it?

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

- - sam

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