how to browse the whole depot?

GregSpencergspencer at GregSpencergspencer at
Wed Apr 15 12:38:44 PDT 1998

OK, I guess it's time to tell people about this:  I've got a nice,
file-centric, web-based browser for a perforce depot, and we've been
using it for a while with no problems.

The problem is that I really need to do some work on it to make it
easier to install -- currently you have to install 5 different perl libs
and three different script files on the server, and it's all by hand. 
Most of that could be eliminated if I just wrote some simple functions
and embedded them into the main script.

Unfortunately, I don't really have the time to fix it up for about
another month (we're in the last throes of our MR cycle for the product
I *really* work on :).

If you can wait that long, I'll soup it up and bit and make it cleaner
to install.  If you can't, we'll, tough -- you'll have to :).


It has the following features:

	- file-centric browsing, where you can browse similar
	  to how you can when you point your browser at a local
	- syntax highlighting for source code
	- direct browsing of HTML, etc. files that are checked
	  into the tree.
	- line-by-line listing of who changed what (with hyperlinks
	  so you can send them flame mail :)
	- hyperlinks to the perforce browser for last change diffs,
	  revision list, and change description.
	- independent of the machine you're on -- no need for it to
	  have a p4 client, or access to the depot machine directly
	  (although the web server has to have a p4 client, of course).

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