GUI comments (was: how to browse the whole depot?)

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I have been discussing something similar with Perforce.
Email corresponance with Trudi:

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On Fri, 03 Apr 1998 13:40:56 +0200 Peter Friberg 
> 1. When using the right window in P4Win it would be nice to
>    be able to use the Del-key on the keyboard as a shortcut
>    for rightclick and select Delete. For instance when deleting
>    user, client, job etc etc.
>    This subject also applies to the left window , for instance
>    when deleting a file. Select the fil and press Del-key.

Entered this as ER #813

> 2. Keyboard shortcuts for the right window views.
>    Maybe F1=Pending Changes, F2=Submitted Changes etc etc
>    Or make it user programmable.

Entered this as ER #814

> 4. When browsing the client list in the right window it would
>    be nice to directly select a client (make it current e.g
>    P4CLIENT=selected_client) directly by selecting a menu item
>    ("Set to current" maybe?) in the rightclick popup menu.

Entered this as ER #815
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Rob Chandhok wrote:
> By the way, I find the options dialog a pretty unsatisfactory way to switch
> clients.  Why can't I dbl-click (or something) on a client in the client
> list window and switch to that client?  Better yet, have a list of "recent
> clients" in the menu somewhere.  Even in the options dialog it would be
> useful.
> Rob

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