GUI comments (was: how to browse the whole depot?)

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It's far too easy [for others] to delete clients/users/jobs
as it is!

Until p4 protect is extended to restrict this sort of
thing to trusted users only, I'd like to see
all deletion functions REMOVED from the GUI!

At 16:06 16/04/98 +0200, you wrote:
>I have been discussing something similar with Perforce.
>Email corresponance with Trudi:
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>On Fri, 03 Apr 1998 13:40:56 +0200 Peter Friberg 
>> 1. When using the right window in P4Win it would be nice to
>>    be able to use the Del-key on the keyboard as a shortcut
>>    for rightclick and select Delete. For instance when deleting
>>    user, client, job etc etc.
>>    This subject also applies to the left window , for instance
>>    when deleting a file. Select the fil and press Del-key.
>Entered this as ER #813

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