GUI comments (was: how to browse the whole depot?)

PeterFribergpeter.friberg at PeterFribergpeter.friberg at
Thu Apr 16 07:54:13 PDT 1998

You definitely have a point there!

The Del-key action was merely to be conform with Windows
standard GUI.

I agree it's much too simple to delete users, clients etc.
Some form of protection must be active for those actions.
For instance, why not simply allow all deleting actions
(except files) only to the super user?

To remove all delete actions, except for files, from the
GUI would be the best, and have the super user (or other
trusted users] to delete them by using the CLI, just as
you said...

Paul Goffin wrote:
> Arrggh NOOOOOOO!
> It's far too easy [for others] to delete clients/users/jobs
> as it is!
> Until p4 protect is extended to restrict this sort of
> thing to trusted users only, I'd like to see
> all deletion functions REMOVED from the GUI!

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